Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend in review

This weekend seemed to fly by as we were very busy.

Saturday morning we caught the first hour of the DSG new parent breakfast. It was really nice to visit with a few friends we have met in the past 10 months and meet some new ones. So many cute babies....this year our DSG has welcomed over 50 new babies with down syndrome. YAHOO!

From there we were off to Aidan's soccer match. It was a great game in which they tied 8-8 (Aidan scored 3 goals). It is really fun to watch his team each week. Just since last week they were really getting behind the ball much more and actually defending! So fun to watch their skills improve and their Bible knowledge improve (each week they memorize scripture and talk about how they can use their Christianity on and off the pitch).

We came home to allow Alayna a real nap in her bed then we were off again. As it was a truly beautiful day, the boys jumped on their bikes for a 4 mile ride down to the river. Alayna and I opted to bring all the fishing equipment in the SUV (thankfully so, Aidan needed to come home with us). Aidan fished for over an hour with no luck, he was determined to catch dinner. Alayna and I watched for a while then went to the playground and hit the swings and the slide.

We went home to have dinner (tacos not fish :) ) and Aidan snapped his fingers and said, "I'm pooped!" (Jason was too after his 8 mile ride).

Sunday was another beautiful day so we made plans to get outside again but, Alayna, who took a only a 30 minute catnap on my shoulder during church, had other plans. She was tired and took a long afternoon nap. Aidan took advantage of the time and played with Jason and I on his own then got in some good outside time with the neighborhood kids. When he came in for dinner he was blue, purple, pink, yellow, green and every other color in the rainbow (they had been playing with sidewalk chalk for a long time).

After dinner we let Aidan go back out to finish his masterpiece and unknowingly wait on a big surprise...Grandma and Pop Pop made it back into town. They drove down the street and went to turn into our driveway and Aidan came running...he was SO excited.

Alayna had smiles for grandma but, was a little more reserved with Pop Pop. Aidan talked non-stop telling them all about school, summer, our Disney trip etc. until I finally made him stop and get into bed. I think he would still be talking today if I hadn't stopped him.

What a great weekend we had together as a family!

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