Friday, May 28, 2010

Hearing update

Alayna had a follow up hearing test today as she failed the one at the DS clinic in April and at the beginning of May at our pediatricians.
We are scheduled in to see an outstanding ENT at the end of June (or earlier if they have a cancellation).
We know she has had allergy stuff in April and that dreaded virus last week but, we don't want to wait any longer for her ears to clear up on their own before seeing the ENT.
Hopefully by June they will be clear and if not and the doctor suggests tubes we pray they can get Alayna in asap.

Hope you have a safe and happy Memorial weekend!


Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

I hope you can get in to see the ENT soon! I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone cancels. Sweet Pea had tubes placed in March and while it isn't fun trying to not allow water in them now, we are happy that she doesn't have the fluid that she did more MANY months. It is well worth it. I'll take work on our end to make it easier for her anyday!

Kim said...

I remember being stressed when Eli failed his hearing test, but tubes made the biggest difference. And it's seriously the shortest surgery ever. I had time to get my cup of coffee in the waiting room (not drink it) and he was done. Praying for some relief for Alayna and no worries for mom!

RK said...

Hopefully they'll figure out something very soon, be it tubes or just her getting finally time to let her little body recover completely. Our tubes have been no problem and have made a nice difference in what little fluid-muffled hearing Braska was experiencing. Her words are back to being clearer again.