Monday, May 31, 2010

One fun weekend...

We had an awesome family weekend to kick off summer! We squished so much fun into this one weekend without even travelling.

We ate ribs, too much junk food and loads of s'mores. We giggled much. Alayna loved the ribs but was a little less than excited with the marshmallow ...I won't share who ate the rest of hers! We had fun with family and friends but mostly just enjoyed our little foursome oh so much!

We enjoyed lazy mornings eating breakfast on the patio with no hurry to go anywhere. Aidan & Alayna got lots of snuggle time in and we all had so much fun playing together!

We enjoyed a visit from Jason's niece from Arkansas. The kids bounced in the bounce house for a while but, Aidan talked LaMya into cleaning out the playhouse so off they went with brooms and Windex,they did a great job!

Alayna made sure she sent LaMya on her way with a few smoochies.

We celebrated our best buddies baptism day. Oh how we love our buddies~LC & Jace and are thankful for their whole family that has become our family too!

Finally, we celebrated Memorial Day and honored all the wonderful people in the military both past and present at Union Station. The KC symphony played a concert, Mark Schultz sang his awesome song "Letters from War", then they finished with fireworks.

If this weekend is a sign of the great family time to come this summer I say "bring it on!"


Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend after having the sickies!! Glad you guys had a great one and thanks for posting about it so I can live vicariously through all of you!!!

Lacey said...

Oh I need to post the pic I took of Carter eating ribs. Seriously more on his face than in his mouth!