Friday, May 21, 2010

Virus update

Alayna & Pop Pop watch the dogs play in the yard.

I can't believe I am actually having to do an update about this silly virus almost a week later...anyhoo! Trust me this virus being gone will definitely top next week's Thankful Thursday post!

We haven't seen a fever since Sunday, mouth blisters are gone, but as of Wednesday the congestion moved in so much that she was hacking, coughing and starting to retract like a little old man who chain smoked all his life...We gave her a breathing treatment at home and it helped but she wasn't able to get comfortable enough to sleep at night or nap time. She also has been totally lethargic this week, she would crawl a few feet and lay down. Poor baby!

So by bedtime last night we made the decision to take her to Children's to get a good suctioning and breathing treatment. They diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection and bronchiolitis.

Thankfully her oxygen sats were high which was great because we didn't have to stay. Literally within seconds of being deep suctioned she signed thank you to the nurses and immediately fell asleep on my shoulder.

They did a breathing treatment while she slept and sent us home. She only woke up a couple times needing to be suctioned in the night, she slept with us so we could prop her up, and had much more energy today to actually get down and play with toys. Although this momma wonders how people do that family bed thing all the time, I got no sleep and am a little zombieish today. Have I told you how much I like a good sleep?

Let me tell you though those grandparents showed up just at the right time. Alayna has been enjoying their attention and snuggles this week while she hasn't been feeling up to much else. With her wanting to be held all the time I wouldn't have gotten anything accomplished this week if they hadn't arrived.

Hoping that she can get in a great nap today and be back on the wellness path.

Thanks for the prayers, we appreciate them all.


Lacey said...

The yuckies are hanging around longer this year. We have a few friends that are super sick right now! Go away already!

ch said...

Oh, we hate to hear of you not feeling like your go-getting self, sweet Alayna. We are desperately hoping to see you soon!!!

My name is Sarah said...

Be gone bad virus. Alayna needs to play:)

Lori said...

oh, poor little Alayna! I hope she clears up soon and gets back to her old self!

Stephanie said...

Goodness that got ugly! Glad Miss A is doing better!
I too can appreciate the "good nights sleep".

Beverly said...

hope all is going better and everyone is getting better sleep

Cammie Heflin said...

What a precious angel you have! Hope she feels better soon! I am definitely sick of being sick!