Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Our life has been so busy this week. The days seem to melt into the next without me realizing that a new day has begun.

I love reflecting as it gives me a moment to stop the chaos and really see the beauty of my life.

I have so many things to be thankful for.

~Pillsbury Funfetti cake, which is requested by my husband each year for his birthday it turns him into a giddy school boy. Oh how I love that man, so easy to please!

~Family bike rides, small group barbeques, successful neighborhood garage sale, our church raising over $1 million for the new addition to our building

~A great check up for Alayna - her 18 month ( a little late) she is 20 # 6 oz (so far from that 4 pound 13 1/2 oz birth weight!)

~Aidan's reading soaring and him loving chapter books and the Bible

~Giggles - Every morning from Alayna's room we are awakened to giggles. They are contagious and it starts each day in such a great way.

Here is a video of her after she woke up from her nap as a little giggle sampling for you.

She is also giggly in the car now that she is facing front, I think she is very thankful for forward facing car seats!

~Communication - Alayna is picking up signs by the plenty, combining them into sentences and using her language not only to communicate to us but also others.
For example, she wanted my neighbor Liz to hold her the other day but Liz had been working in the garage and didn't want to pick her up because she was dirty.
Alayna looked at her with sad puppy dog eyes and very sweetly did the please sign very slowly like to say PLEASE! Of course, Liz couldn't resist an ask like that...

We are so thankful for our blessings. Hope you take a moment to reflect on yours and feel free to share a few.


Aimee said...

Ooo- funfetti cake is the best. I won't admit to you, however, that I still occasionally buy a can of the funfetti frosting (it HAS to be the stuff with the chewy chips in it) and eat it with animal crackers... YUMMY. Nope, won't admit it... :)

Kelly said...

What a fun sound to wake up to everyday!! She is so stinkin' ADORABLE!!

Lacey said...

Oh another video making me so excited to bring home my baby girl! I'll have to show this one to my Tanner, he is in love with all things DS baby girls!

Kelli said...

I LOVED the video!! Her giggling made me giggle!! Love it!!