Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to school blues...

We started back to Alayna's therapies yesterday after our 2 week break. I think I need another 2 week break just to recover. If Alayna wasn't sound asleep 2 minutes after leaving school I would have let her drive home and I would have taken a nap. We must have been slackers on our vacation time because we were both extremely worn out.

Jason & I painted our master bedroom and bath over the weekend. So hours standing on a ladder did me in...here is Alayna modeling the new color with our new shower tile job. (If you never saw our bedroom before it was a bright pink...think pepto bismol on steroids). So happy to have a new shade that we both love.

Today I noticed Alayna singing the yummy thumby song which means she has more teeth coming in...After further inspection she has another molar working it's way in.

She is loving using all her teeth though. Yesterday we found out that she loves granny smith apples whole. She was chomping and crunching and loving every minute of it. I have always given her applesauce hadn't even considered regular apples but, Aidan was eating one and she was determined too also.

She enjoyed some playtime at the pool today but, definitely wasn't her happy go lucky self all the time, those molars hurt!

Since we spent all afternoon at the pool we had to hurriedly make something for dinner. Thankfully my little helper pulled out all stops (& everything else in the cabinets) and had something whipped up in no time.

Thanks Alayna you are a great sous-chef!


Lacey said...

I know I've said this a billion times, but I'm so excited to have a baby playing in my cabinets soon! Its been seven years since I've had that! And I'll let her play in the cabinets all she wants if she cleans up like that. Great job girlfriend!

ch said...

That girl is such a smart cookie...I just shake my head at her all...the...TIME. And her chuckle? One of my favorite sounds of all time. Bar none.

Denise said...

I just got through writing on Adrienne's blog that there is something so much better about getting to see our blog friends on video. Pictures are great but when I get to see them in motion, it just makes me smile all that much more. I can't believe how good she does with putting them back in the cabinet!! I feel the same way about the therapy schedule. That is one thing that has been nice with hospital, they just come to us because we are already there!!

stephanie said...

LOVE the video!!! what a treat!!! And i am so impressed at Alayna putting everything back!!! Em wouldn't do that for all the chocolate in the world!!

Sara Bell said...

Such a sweet video!!! You are such a great mother!!! I love watching her! Have a great Tuesday!