Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday museum tour

Jason is on vacation this week. We are staying home & going to enjoy family time taking in a few sites here in the city that we haven't experienced.
Today while us girls went off to play at baby class the boys went to the money museum.

Aidan thought it was pretty cool that he got to be made into money. Go ahead check your wallet that is Aidan on that $100K note! =)

They even both came home with a bag of money around $165 in each bag. That will make for some fun spending money....well ok maybe not it was old, retired bills that were shredded but they had fun and enjoyed the museum all the same.

They also went to the airline history museum and had fun looking at all the planes. Aidan enjoyed checking out all the cockpits and comparing the planes. Pop Pop you should have been here to go with them, Aidan said you would have loved it.

The boys are off to VBS every night this week and Alayna and I are going to enjoy some quiet girl time while they are gone.


Stephanie said...

sounds good! Especially the quiet girl time !!!

Lacey said...

Oh a girls quiet night, sounds like heaven to me!!

Lori said...

Quiet girl time... that sounds heavenly!
Love the bag-o-money - my kids would use it to play "store"