Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~A super successful family picture session last Saturday with Sophia Theodore

~A good hearing test and ENT appointment for Alayna

~A beautiful week with a slight break in the summer heat

~Tea parties with my two cuties (even though one 7 year old wasn't really interested until he found out you really got frosted animal crackers at this party!)

~Alayna has added so many things lately: using just her pointer finger to point to objects in books (it looks so adorable with all those little fingers tucked away and that cute little pointer all by itself), many animal sounds to go with the signs (oo for moo, bak, bak for chicken, rrr for lion, raspberry for an elephant), she laps me when we are in a crawling race and is SO motivated to get up and walk to keep up with Aidan but isn't quite there yet.

~My last thankful is that bond that Aidan & Alayna have.
Don't get me wrong sometimes he would rather not have her constantly following him as any sibling (but he does LOVE the attention). That boy truly LOVES his baby sister.
In the past few weeks when she has gotten hurt he always comes to comfort her, at the ENT's office when they were cleaning her ears out he was compelled to get up and come over to pat her as she squirmed on the exam table (the doctor was quick to let him know she wasn't hurting Alayna =), he can motivate her to do almost anything...she can crawl up the stairs at lightening speed to jump into the bath and play with him or push the push toy around the house or even push him on her tricycle.
I sit in awe and watch them grow bonded and thank God for the blessing that these two are not only to me but also to each other.

Have a safe & fantastic holiday weekend...

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stephanie said...

Now why am I sitting in tears after reading this post!!!
First your header photo made me gasp! So beautiful.

second when you talk about Aidan and Alayna it sounds just like Andrew and Em.

And third videos always get to me! This one was adorable.

And I love your living room, it's lovely!!