Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~Vacation week...having Jason home each day!

~Jason taking care of everything this week (house, kids, Alayna's therapies, VBS, shopping etc. while I rest as I am having my complete body scan tomorrow to ensure that I am still cancer free - That will be at the top of the thankful list next week! Stay tuned.)

~Dinner with friends - Great food, great times, great laughter...does it get any better?

~Days out with the family but getting to sleep in my own bed each night.

~Silly little girls who love kissing themselves in the mirror.Your turn, what are you thankful for this week?


Heather said...

Thankful for so many things this week but most especially that Zoey remains in remission.

Sending prayers for your scan tomorrow.

And ... loving the video.Too cute!

Stephanie said...

Laughed and cried at that video. Our girls remind me of each other so much. they could be twins, (in my mind).

Sending up prayers for a great tomorrow!!!

God Bless, and thanks for you thankful Thursday's!!!!

Lori said...

That little giggle is too cute and funny! =) Love it!!
Praying that your tests all go well tomorrow -- what kind of cancer?

Jenny said...

Thankful the family is healthy again:)

Please let us know asap about the scan. We'll be praying!!
Love you!

JulieG said...

What a great hubby. I hope you had a wonderful rest and a great result with your testing.