Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~ Alayna is starting to use two words together in spoken language, today she said "hi daddy" when I was talking to Jason on the phone and when he walked in from work she plainly stated, "Hi dad". She also says Hi Ellie/Champ to our dogs.

~Two weeks of therapy free down time!

~Fabulous family time! Some people have hobbies like movies, reading books, shopping, travelling etc. I would have to say my favorite hobby is spending time with my family. I LOVE my family and would rather be with them doing something than doing anything else in the world.

This week we have had fun fishing, bike riding, playing ball, tickle time, laughing endlessly, eating fabulous caramel, banana milkshakes compliments of Jason, enjoying some great BBQ (Alayna would say the ribs top her thankfuls this week, she seriously ate more than I did both times we have had them.)

~Aidan vacuuming out my van and cleaning his room...spotless, without being asked.

~Finally I am thankful that Aidan & Alayna were able to spend so much quality time with Grandma and Pop Pop while they were in town. Both kids are VERY attached to them. Happy travels, we will see you in the fall.

Here is a little clip of Papa bear and his little cubs, they followed him all over the house, up the stairs and up and down the hallway before I grabbed the camera.

We love hearing your thankfuls so throw some at us....


stephanie said...

Where would I be without your thankful Thursday post!!! Alayna!! Two words! Wow, you go Sweetie!! And that pic of her eating the rib is great!!!

And I cried watching the video... there is something wrong with me!

Kelly said...

Yay, way to go Alayna!! RIBS?!.....AWESOME!!! 2 weeks of family time is definitely something to be THANKFUL for!! It seems like you are making the most of that time.....good for you:) Ahhh, the fondest memories are being made!!

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the video!!!!!

Lacey said...

Way to go big girl! Carter would be right there eating those ribs!

Jenny said...

yummy RIBS! sounds fantastic!
We are THANKFUL to be home together for the summer and getting to spend SO much time together:)

What a great helper Aidan is:) and YAY for Alayna using two word sentences:)

K D said...

Awesome! What awesome kids you have!

Ria said...

Way to go on the talking Alayna! And what a great helper you have! Wonderful kids!

Kele@ said...

OKAY!!! Where do I vote for 'best blog video' this week ??? Cuz I would so vote for this one...THAT is precious!!
And Caramel banana milkshake? OMG that sounds YUM... I am totally lookin that recipe up!!