Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't miss the small stuff

Dariya is amazing and wonderful!  If you have followed our journey you know how seamlessly she has melted into our family.

However,  I will be the first to say that adoption isn't a total cake walk (although Dariya makes it to be most of the time).  We have our moments and struggles.

Many orphans have come home in much worse physical, mental and spiritual health than Dariya did and for that we are blessed.

However, when Dariya gorged herself until she looked 9 months pregnant at the Ukrainian buffet in Kiev it was our first inkling that our little darling didn't always get enough food or the right kind of food.

When we arrived home the first thing she would say/sign to me was eat when I got her up every morning.  She was very impatient for the first week if she had to wait on her food even a few minutes.   We heard her Tasmanian devil growl anytime food was being prepared.

When we were anywhere people were eating she would go on a "seek and destroy" mission to find the food and see who she could convince to feed her, even if she was stuffed.  I am sure our friends & church family thought we were nuts when we politely said PLEASE DON'T FEED HER!
Enjoying a yogurt with daddy while in Ukraine July 2011
It has come with little intervention from us (eradicating H Pylori for her helped) but, it is a milestone and one that I am very happy for her to have met.

In the past few weeks, Dariya has gotten up in the morning and NOT requested food!!!   In fact, she hasn't even come into the kitchen but instead requested that I rock her and read a book to her or gone straight for the toys and started playing.  Several mornings she has played while the rest of us ate breakfast, even when I would call her two or three times she would say no (not in a sassy way but rather letting me know she wasn't hungry).  She also isn't requesting a snack and isn't horrified when I tell her no more snack like she was just months ago.
Rocking her straw hierarchy!
This is HUGE, although some might think this is small stuff!

We are very thankful that she finally feels comfortable enough with the family and the food situation to relax and know that when she does get hungry there will be something to eat that she doesn't have to obsess about it.  She is still my best, least picky eater in the house!

And while I am bragging, I will throw in how well she is doing on the straw therapy!  Seriously, look at that pucker she has going!  When we started in November she was still drinking with her tongue out.  She has come so far in such a short time!

What a beautiful flower, it is so amazing to watch each new petal open!


Julie said...

Our Dasha's story is very similar to yours in lots of ways. We've also had a fairly easy transition. Dasha was OBSESSED with food when she got home 16 mos ago. But she's changed so much and the things that concerned me a year ago no longer worry me (but like all kids, she's given me new things to think about!).

What a good idea for a new post of my own - thanks!

Kelli said...

This is such an interesting post! Thanks for sharing!