Friday, April 20, 2012

Love Brings You Home: Dreams, redux.

One of the hardest parts of adoption for us was gotcha day.  We had such a huge range of emotions running through us that day.  Joyful that we have our girl, thankful for the groupa leaders who loved her so much and took such good care of her, overwhelmed by the people that helped us get to that day, blessed to have met her birth father and have open communication with him, but SO very sad to see all the children that we had to leave behind.

I have blogged about the children in Dariya's orphanage and thankfully all but 2 from Reece's Rainbow have been adopted or have a family coming for them this summer.  Jewell and Noah both have CP and are still waiting for their families.

This Sunday is a special day, it is Aidan's 9th birthday and my sweet friend Kelly Dirkes' birthday.  Kyle and Kelly just last month brought Charlotte home (the very first little girl that drew me in to Reece's Rainbow).  Kelly's birthday wish is for the last little girl with special needs from Charlotte's' groupa find a family.
Please take a moment to read her post about Kacey in hopes of finding her forever family.

Love Brings You Home: Dreams, redux.: She begins her daily walk toward me, uneven and slightly halting, as soon as she sees the groupa room door open. Before long, her ar...

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Heather said...

Heading over to read.

As you know I have been MIA lately and hoping and praying that things are on the upswing and I can pop in more. Geesh. Enough.

I just love by the way, the wordless Wednesday picture ... the girls are just so darling.

Have a great weekend with your beautiful family.