Thursday, April 5, 2012

To sleep or not to sleep: Sleep study

At our down syndrome clinic visit last fall it was recommended that all children with ds have a sleep study completed to check for apnea.  As it wasn't an emergency with either of the girls we waited until spring when hopefully no germs will be around the hospital.

Tonight will be Dariya's study.  We check in at 6:45pm for about an hour of probe attaching which I KNOW she is going to absolutely love (she says sarcastically).  Then hopefully she won't be freaked out too much as to not sleep for them.  The study lasts until 7am or whenever she wakes up, whichever is earlier.

She can't have a nap the day of the study so please pray for sweet Dariya.  Unknown people touching her especially in her sleep deprived state I fear is going to bring on a full blown drama episode.  Pray that she is calm and allows the process to happen easily and that she goes right to sleep and they get great results from her study.

Pray for me too as I have to rinse and repeat the same process next Thursday night with Alayna (although I think she will be the easier of the two).  

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RK said...

I don't think anyone will claim these things are really fun, but I will wish you the smooth process we had. Braska didn't buck the leads like I thought she would (except the one from her nostrils to her mouth, which we abandoned and still didn't miss anything). And she was asleep right on time. I was surprised. Hope it goes off without a hitch!!

(One little confession... I did not alter Braska's schedule the day of the study. I figured if I want her to sleep "normally," so we have a good picture of her "normal" breathing and cycles while sleeping, then I was going to do our "normal" schedule. So she napped like usual, then she was ready for bed at her regular time, going to sleep just fine. I knew that if I didn't get her a nap, she would be in NO shape to be in a strange place with people messing with her in all kinds of new ways. And when B is overtired, as she would have been without a nap, she doesn't get obstinate, but she sleeps far more restlessly and that wasn't the display I wanted for the study. I know lots of other families who have gone with a similar plan. Clearly every kiddo is different, but some of our local kids have not been able to complete their studies with enough info because they were just too overtired to cooperate. So if D gets to needing a rest, I'd not stress over it. You know her best!! Just my two cents... :o)

Emily said...

Hope the studies go well and don't disrupt the girls too much! Happy Easter!