Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in pictures

We hope that you had a blessed Easter!

Our weekend was filled with to the rim with family, fun and celebration of the 
death and resurrection of our Savior.  
Good Friday service on Friday evening, our church's community Easter celebration (play, egg hunt and lunch) then Easter service today.  
Makes for good nap times for two girls I know;).

Dariya loved hunting eggs. After she put a few in her basket she was picking them up and putting them in other kids baskets.  Sweet girl!

Alayna was into egg hunting for about 5 eggs then she was done.

Both girls LOVED dying eggs this year.
They were so careful to not even drop an egg.

Dariya was so excited to see the eggs turn colors.
Here she is signing and saying "Yellow"

Even my big boy still loves dying eggs.

Thanks Aidan for looking at the camera and smiling,
maybe next year I will get one with all  3 of them doing so.

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Unknown said...

i love your pictures, especially the last one, could it be any cuter! xxx