Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall fun

Aidan decided since it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon it was time for his baby sister to experience the crunching of the fall leaves.
He got the rake out and made a big pile for them to play in...Alayna LOVED them.
We took her socks and shoes off and held her over the leaves she kicked her legs and enjoyed making the leaves rustle with her feet. (She is kicking her legs in excitement all the time now which is really cute!) She loved sitting in the leaves, especially with Aidan. She didn't even put them in her mouth!
Also, this weekend Alayna finally put her motor in forward instead of reverse. She has been working on inching forward for a long time and could do little spurts at a time but usually was motoring backwards, now she is in full drive forward going across the room in seconds.
Jason is on vacation this week and today he & Aidan are off to the Red Barn Farm for the 1st grade field trip. It is supposed to be nearly 70 today so they should have some great pictures to post later.


ds.mama said...

Here's to going forward :-)

Beverly said...

they look so cute