Saturday, October 10, 2009

How I spent my 1st birthday

WOWIE! Friday was one exciting day and all because it was MY birthday! YIPPEE...let's hear it for cards, presents, cake, balloons, family and great friends!

I started out the day by dropping mommy's truck at the shop for new tires and an oil change. Yeah! Let's hear it for daddy keeping us safe... I was so excited when I heard daddy's voice in the car when we picked him up at the shop I started to squeal then mommy let me know that he took the day off to celebrate my special day. We were off to the doctor which was really fun until that sweet nurse, Lisa poked me with 3 shots. I didn't cry with the jabs just when the final medicine went in. But, in a matter of minutes I was back to my happy go lucky self.
Then we went and had my feet painted and put on a plate at the pottery place. Have to commemorate the day like they did Aidan's with a plate, but, my feet are way cuter than his BIG feet.

Next, we came home for a quick nap and lunch. After lunch I had a great surprise, my best buddy LC came for a visit (please go over and wish her a special 1st birthday today). When daddy opened the door another present fell in the house (thanks to those sneaky Bartelts who had dropped off an awesome book for me.)
LC and I spent a little time reminiscing about our first year then decided to open our special gift from Big Sarah. Oh she outdid herself this time adorable matching t shirts that say BoomBoom Cannonball babe for us to wear at the Step up for Down Syndrome in a few weeks with our names embroidered on the bum! Also, a matching TUTU! Oh boy will we be the cutest ones at the big party or what?

I had a little afternoon nap then it was on to the big celebration. I wasn't sure why everyone was at our house but, I quickly learned that all the fuss was for ME! Aidan helped me open my cards and presents (he is a great big brother) but, after a couple I didn't really need his help I kinda like ripping that paper Oh I got fun toys, cute clothes, books, even a book with a tutu wearing pig (I giggled out loud when I opened this one as her tutu matched mine!), and new shoes!!

After all the presents I got back in my highchair but, we had already eaten dinner. Oh to my surprise everyone started singing and they brought me a big, sprinkle cake (Aidan & daddy's favorite...soon to be mine too). Aidan helped me blow out the candle and make a wish but, he did NOT have to help me eat it. MMM I love birthday cake!
I dove right in and ate the whole piece without any help!This birthday thing is alright!

Special thanks to everyone who made my day more special with emails, cards, presents, visits and love!


Beverly said...

what a fun day! Glad you had a happy bday!

ch said...

Yahoo, yahoo for LaynaLoo!!!

We're so happy you had a special day full of celebrations, buddy!

We love you!!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday--Looks like you had a wonderful day!