Saturday, October 24, 2009

That wasn't a walk that was a PARTY!!!!

Alayna had the time of her life today at the Step Up for Down Syndrome and we did as well. God gave us a beautifully, sunny, warm day to celebrate Alayna & LC and all our friends who are chromosomally enhanced!

We had Boom Boom Cannon Ball popcorn balls,tutu wearing water bottles, and great signage thanks to our talented friend LC and her crafty mom & dad. (THANKS guys!)

We are so thankful to all the wonderful people who came out to celebrate with us (and to those who donated but couldn't make the walk). We are thankful to have raised $4475 and had over 90 registered walkers (although sickness and other emergencies kept some of those people at home today... thank you for thinking of the girls and keeping them both healthy!)

Alayna enjoyed all the festivities, the crowds, the excitement and the walk. Aidan loved leading the team and holding the team sign, all the bounce houses, games, friends, food and rides!

I enjoyed getting to visit with all our friends, those on our team and those who we have met in the past year though the DSG, and meeting all the family on LC's side that we always hear about but hadn't met yet. Grandma Janet and Grandpa Fred and Nana Cam just to name a few! As I call the girls twins all the time we welcome LC's family into our extended family!
A special BIG thanks to our very own Big Sarah for making Alayna & LC even cuter in their matching tutu outfits. Oh they were the cutest little girls at Arrowhead stadium! Even Channel 5 news stopped them to get an interview! (Aidan was SO excited that we would be on TV

What a celebration and what a great day!

Daddy's little girls...

Oh wait, there is more, Happy Birthday girlies we love you both so very much!!!

After that super de duper party I am one tired Tutu wearing girlie!

Thanks everybody for making it such a great day! Don't forget next October same party, same place! The Boom Boom Cannon Ball team will be back!!!


Lacey said...

Look at those twinners, how cute. What a great day, I'm hoping next year will be bigger for our buddy walk, instead of spending it in the hospital.

nan said...

that was a great party! the girls are sooooo cute, can't stand it! :) we all enjoyed celebrating with you.

Beverly said...

what a great day! happy you had such a good walk and great time!

Julie and Leo said...

Glad you had such a fun day at your walk! You and LC are just the cutest BFF's ever :)