Thursday, October 29, 2009

Up and about

Alayna is definitely a girl on the move. She has now decided that it is pretty fun to pull herself up on things...the bathtub, the dishwasher, toys, Aidan (especially when he is reading that gets his attention), you name it she has probably tried to pull up on it

She had no interest in this leap table until she could pull herself up on it now she wants to play with it all the time

She also realized today that she is able to catch up to the dogs. She had a fun time petting the dogs, pulling their tails and getting in a few good kisses. Neither of them seemed to be bothered by her which was a good thing otherwise we would be a dogless family


K D said...

That is soooo awesome!!!!! She will be running before you know it.

Jenn said...

So cute, we're thankful for good doggies at our house too, or they'd be gone. She looks so adorable in her little tutu!

Lacey said...

Oh now comes the putting everything up out of her reach. I love her name on her bum.

Beverly said...

so exciting! Noah had a leap table like that too.