Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pig tail envy

You have seen them loads of times but still every time they make you smile. Of course, I am talking about LC's pigtails!

Alayna's hair has been sprouting very rapidly this past month (must be miracle grow in that baby shampoo) so Jason decided it was time to try some pigtails on Alayna. I normally throw a barrette to keep her bangs out of her eyes and call it good. I figured I better consult the expert so I hit Courtney up for where she gets the teeny tiny ponytail holders. So armed with this information Jason and Aidan took it upon themselves to go get some the other day.

After 3 phone calls to me to describe what they were looking for and a little help from a store clerk...they came home with a plethora of teeny tiny girlie colored rubber bands (450 to be exact!)

Both boys were eagerly anticipating ME trying to put Alayna's hair up. Now if you know me at all you know I am NOT girlie girl, never have been and never will be. Doing my own hair each day...well let's just say is a joy! I tried to talk them into doing her hair but, they stood on the sidelines and shouted cheers (too bad we didn't have pom poms to go with it otherwise I am sure they would have been waving them too).

I wrangled Alayna onto my lap and couldn't get her hair into ANY kind of ponytail or pigtail. We finally settled on one big ponytail on top of her head. Trust me it wasn't pretty and I DIDN'T take pictures (I am not sure which one of us would have been more embarrassed Alayna for a creepy hairdo or me because I made my sweet angel look like that!) Needless to say after I was done with round 1 all Jason could say was, "Honey, I think you should call Courtney!" Um thanks dear for the moral support.

Me being the patient one in our family, I waited a few days and decided to try the hair thing again. To my surprise it wasn't too bad and Alayna looked rather cute. Although her father was just out of the world adoring her, saying how cute she was (now do you know who has the pigtail envy? It isn't me OR Alayna, it is really the bald guy!)

Anyway you decide...
Am I cute or what?


ch said...

I absolutely DO NOT believe Alayna could ever achieve anything resembling 'creepy'...but i'm having a delicious giggle at your hair styling adventures and LC and I both give a super DUPER thumbs up to Alayna's new look.

Capital C CUTE, Laynaloo!!!!

Beverly said...

she is too cute! love her hair!!!