Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween...

The kids had a fabulous time carving pumpkins and trick or treating today.
Alayna didn't care for her bumble bee costume anymore today than she did the other day when we dressed up for baby class, but she didn't complain about it either...just no smiles for the pictures.
Rayne was tired after about an hour and Alayna was getting a little cold so I took the girls home but, Alayna was feverishly doing the "more" sign to show me that she really didn't want to go in yet.
My English guy (who loves Halloween more than any of us) took Grace & Aidan out for another round. Needless to say we have enough candy to start our own store.
We hope you had a wonderful day as well
Tomorrow our church is doing Missio Dei-Serve in the City Event, an awesome service day to celebrate All Saints Day.
We are going to volunteer with our small group at an inner city church, doing some painting, planting, cleaning etc.
Say a prayer for all those who have died this year.


Beverly said...

what cuties!

Jenn said...

Too cute, I'm a bit surprised to see Jason didn't get the power tools out for some serious carving:)