Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alayna on the move

What does our dog Ellie, Aidan and our vacuum have in common?

If you guessed what are things Alayna loves to chase after you are correct. Today Alayna climbed up 10 steps (I had to help her put the first knee up on the rise then she lifted herself up) to chase after Ellie. All I thought Ellie was good for was shedding on my carpets I didn't know she was a therapy dog.

When Aidan got home, of course she had to follow him around like she always does.

But, the funniest thing was when I got the vacuum out and she followed me around in circles and into another room to chase it. I definitely will post a video of that, it was too funny.
Go little inchworm go...she gets up on all 4's and pulls herself forward then drops down again like a little inchworm she is so close to crawling on all 4's.

She is still pulling up on everything. Tonight she stood up in the bath AHHH! I fear lots bumps and bruises in her near future!

This picture was taken at her school in October.


Kim said...

Yea, Layna Loo! We are so excited that you are getting around! Pets, brothers and pesky vaccum cleaners are the best incentives. So excited to see your new moves in class next week.

Sounds like a landmark week, Mom!!!

Kim and Eli

Lacey said...

She has a new found freedom and she's going to explore everything. Go Alayna go!!

ch said...

Yahoo, Silly Stinker! We are so proud of you! LC's Grandma Janet said SHE even noticed your perfectly pretty posture in all of your blog pictures. What a little lady you are...

Sara Bell said...

She is so sweet!

Jenn said...

She's getting so big! That new picture of her is beautiful:)

Beverly said...

love that photo, she is too cute!