Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sad Sunday

Today the snowbirds (Grandma & Pop Pop) left to make their annual winter trip down to Brownsville (they heard the snow forecast in Denver and knew it is heading this way).

Aidan has always taken their leaving hard and today was no exception. He quickly said goodbye to them and gave grandma a picture of he and Alayna with I love you written on the back and then he scrambled into the car to head to church. He was quiet on the way to church and in tears during the service.

Alayna gave them both kisses but, is too young to have the concept of "see you in 6 months" yet. Although, I am sure when Wednesday morning comes and grandma doesn't show up to play with her she will be wondering.

As a mom it breaks my heart every time I have to watch Aidan say goodbye to them. Don't get me wrong I miss my parents each winter they go south and I am so thankful they are young at heart enough to travel and enjoy their lives but, it is devastating to see it and feel it on your 6 year old's heart.

Safe travels Grandma & Pop Pop we will see you in the spring.

Update (Monday morning): Looks like they left JUST in time...sleeting here now and snow expected today, tomorrow and Wednesday.


Lacey said...

Although I'd be with them in a heartbeat. (I HATE snow) how sad for Aidan. Thats a long time to be without grandma and grampa. Expecially through thanksgiving and Christmas.

Kim said...

I know that you said it was going to a tough day for poor Aidan. Praying for safe travels for your parents and fortitude for Aidan.

Beverly said...

I know that is so tough on kids and us too. Hope your parents have a good winter and the time goes fast to get to spring

Jenny said...

Oh that is so hard to see them hurt.

SO sweet about Alayna chasing everything around:) I bet she keeps you constantly on your toes!