Friday, November 13, 2009

Play date

Alayna & I had a great afternoon playing with our friends from baby class at Eli's house.

We walked in and thought we were at Toys R Us.
Eli's mom, Kim had brought out loads of toys for Alayna, LC & Eli to play with, ones that even Eli hadn't seen yet. Oh, we love that Kim! They were so much fun.
Alayna was her typical, shy self and stayed very close to me the whole afternoon. Eli did his best to welcome her with open arms

He even rolled over to her and kept her entertained with silly pacifier games (I would take Eli's pacifier out and make a popping sound...he would smile and giggle and Alayna then signed more, she thought that was funny too

LC wanted to be sure to let Eli know how much we appreciated the play date (and how handsome we all think he is) so she was sure to give him lots of wet smoochies (hold the teeth please!)
Thanks Kim & Eli for hosting us, it was a super fun day!


Kim said...

We loved having you over. Eli sure was infatuated with Alayna.

Thanks so much again for spending time with us. We really enjoyed it!

Kim and Eli

ch said...

"Hold the Teeth" is RIGHT...Ugggh.

My kid is the piranha of play dates.

Love the pics, of course! What a happy visit! Can't wait to do it again!

Lacey said...

What a great playdate. Wish we could come play.

Jenny said...

I bet that was an adorable play date! They are all so cute! Piper is pretty shy and keeps close to me most of the time, too:0)