Friday, November 6, 2009

Simple toys are so much fun

Alayna loves when we buy the big box of diapers...

she then has a boat to ride in (row, row, row your boat over and over and over. As many times as she continues to show me that more sign I am happy to drive the boat), a cave to crawl in and out of, a mountain to climb on and of course, something to chew on (that top tooth is almost through the gum line).

Oh, the possibilities are endless and priceless all at the same time. We enjoy the multi sensory toys too don't get us wrong they are great motivators. Alayna loves that leap table and will crawl over you to get to it and pull herself up on it like nobody's business.
But, there is just something to be said about a kid who can be entertained or entertain themself with the "simple toys" in life! Aidan used to spend hours (years I should say) "cooking" with some dried beans, a pan and spoon. What a great way to grow their imaginations.
What toys do/did your kids enjoy?

We have enjoyed the nice temperatures this week by playing outside and going to our neighborhood park. Alayna loves the swings! (Which is a complete opposite of Aidan he never wanted to swing until he was 2).

Today is great grandma's 96th birthday...since we can't visit her (no kids allowed at the nursing home during flu season & she won't come out anymore) we did the next best thing...made her Oreo truffles. She LOVES our Oreo truffles (thanks Nan)! Happy birthday great grandma! We love you!

My aunt Dona (Pop Pop's sister) flew in for the weekend to surprise great grandma. She is coming to meet Alayna and visit Aidan tonight for dinner.

On Saturday, we have another great DSG new parent breakfast then in the afternoon Alayna gets more new company, my best buddy from college, Jan is coming in from Colorado for a visit! YIPPEE!


ch said...

Love your boat, Alayna! We haven't done that with LC, but she has the mouth of a sailor, so I'm sure she'd like it too!

We miss you and can't wait to see you soon!

Lacey said...

I always wonde why I buy toys when they usually like the wrapping better. Even my older boys love big boxes that we have and want to make forts and things.