Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby class visitor

Alayna was so happy to find out that daddy took the day off so he could join her at baby class. He has been working long hours lately with the holiday rush and she has been missing that daddy of hers.

First we went to music. LC and her super crafty mommy surprised the kids with awesome bells to ring for their song, I was going to see Santa, in the Christmas performance on Dec. 2nd. Thanks so much they are beautiful All our friends loved them too.

Alayna tried to teach Jason all the songs in music class, by the end of class he was catching on

After music we moved on to OT and speech. We got to play with puzzles, light boards, peg boards, read books and work on our reaching. Oh we love our buddies and baby class.

Alayna had a little time on her hands between classes so she and LC had some great conversation (I think Alayna was spilling the beans on what we bought Aidan for Christmas as we took the opportunity while he was in school today to knock that out) shhh LC don't tell him!
Alayna definitely enjoyed daddy being in baby class and meeting all her friends.
Come back and join us real soon daddy!


Lacey said...

How great that daddy could come. Look at all those great friends you have. I don't know if I'd trust LC. I hear she's quite the chatterbox!!

Beverly said...

great that Dad could come to class.