Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday reflections

We went to the new parent breakfast at the DSG yesterday morning. Aidan wanted a picture of his classroom pet, Willie, which he was drawn to take care of this weekend (thankfully he is a stuffed tiger) with Alayna & LC. Aidan has to keep a journal of his adventures with Willie to take back to school on Monday. Each student in the class gets to keep him for a weekend, and all the kids love it. I am very thankful his kindergarten teacher didn't send home their corn snake last year!

Then within 2 hours of getting home Aidan complained of a sore throat and had a fever of 102. Neither of the kids get sick hardly ever so when they complain you know they are sick... Yep, sure enough he has strep throat.
Ugh, hope we didn't pass it on to any of our friends at the breakfast...especially his 2nd sister LC ! I have already warned Courtney to dunk LC in sanitizer. AHH!

Jason took Aidan to after care and got him started on antibiotics while Alayna and I visited with my college buddy, Jan. She just returned from a mission trip to Tajikistan, where she was able to use her medical background (she is a PT not a full time missionary) and deep love for Christ to serve a population that had never been introduced to Christianity. She had some awesome pictures and stories to tell us of how one man is quietly serving the people there and through his service many people are coming to Christ.

She also showed us pictures and told us stories of the people in the leper colonies...I didn't even know there were still leper colonies in the world. I know we are blessed by the lives we have but it brings us so far back into reality when we not only hear but also, do something about others in the world who aren't as fortunate as us.

We threw another pebble when we financially supported (it wasn't a big amount trust me it was a SMALL pebble) Jan so that she was able to listen and follow God's call and bring His message to others. Listening to her talk I envisioned those awesome ripples on the still water... how many lives were changed by her visit? And how when we throw those tiny pebbles no matter how small, our reflection disappears, as it should be, our focus is not on ourselves but rather on Christ and how we can get others to meet Him. God truly is amazing by leading us to these small pebbles in our lives.

We are also thankful that God gave us this opportunity to experience a little more of his love. We are also thankful that Aidan is fever free and feeling much better. He is excited that he can go back to school tomorrow.

Keep throwing those pebbles, no matter what their size it definitely starts movement. Please let us know what ripples you have seen in your water.


Lacey said...

when I first was in nursing I wanted to go overseas and help, but now with Jax there is no way that would happen. Oh well.
I'm glad Aiden's feeling better.

ch said...

Disinfection is futile.

LC spent the full church service in the back of the room (thanks to her passionate reiteration of all of pastor dan's points) and then proceeded to lay on her belly and LICK the entire floor....did it again tonight at paige and jason's.

well, GREAT. Does Purell make a breathmint? Because I'm OUT of options here.

Hugs for your sick guy and hope he's on the mend soon!

Jenny said...

I cannot tell you just how excited I am to get back in touch with you!! Your children are beautiful!!! Little Alayna is just a DOLL! I bet they are so much fun!
I am teaching at Greenbrier High school. Love my job, love my students! I do miss Jacksonville, though! I still keep in touch with some of my old students from there and they just bless my soul! McKinley Allen called me a few months ago;)