Monday, December 21, 2009

Alayna update: Monday

Alayna is doing much better and slept most of Sunday getting caught up on that sleep she lost.

She still is needing deep suctioning especially at night. We are going to be here at least one more day but probably until Wednesday. She is still nursing well and ate breakfast this morning..she was SO excited when they wheeled in a high chair she HAD to eat right then. YEAH!
She has been playing, smiling and laughing so we know she is on the mend.

The tooth fairy was sweet to deliver Alayna's 4 new teeth here to the hospital they have all popped in since we arrived on Saturday . Wow you think that had anything to do with all the drainage?

Our nurse today has an 9 year old daughter with down syndrome. Isn't that cool how God just places people in our lives?

Jason is off today (and probably happy not to be out delivering on the busiest week of the year). His boss is very understanding and for that we are truly thankful too.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.


Kim said...

Thanks for the update! We have been thinking about Layna-Loo. We missed you guys in PT - it was just Ian and Eli, but we had a good time. Hoping Alayna a speedy recovery in the next few days!

Take care!

Kim and Eli

Lori said...

I am so sorry that Alayna is in the hospital, but I am glad that she is getting better!
Praying that you are able to home for Christmas! Get better little sweetie!

nan said...

thank you for the update!!!!