Thursday, December 24, 2009

The tooth fairy even works on Christmas Eve!

For the past couple weeks Aidan has had a loose tooth. It had gotten so loose that all I had to do was touch it and it fell out yesterday.

Things were fine until later in the day when we realized that we left the tooth on the kitchen table and it obviously was knocked off because it was nowhere to be found...either I vacuumed it up or one of the dogs snacked on it!

Oh my then the tears began! The tooth fairy will never come if I don't have a tooth to leave for her! I did my best to console him and even dug through the vacuum bag with no luck (as I was digging through the bag he said thanks mom for loving me so much!)

I finally decided that a note would have to do so I explained to Aidan since he is so honest (to a fault sometimes) that I think the tooth fairy would understand and believe him if he wrote her a note to explain what happened.
He quickly agreed and sat down and wrote a note that said...Dear tooth fairy, I lost my tooth but it is now in the dog's tummy.

So funny.

Thankfully the blizzard they are forecasting didn't slow her down and she was working on Christmas Eve leaving money for him to find this morning. Whew! One emergency thwarted!

Alayna does have 5 new teeth instead of 4 as I thought over the weekend. I guess that tooth fairy likes just making one trip to our house. She drops them off and picks them up in one fell swoop. Alayna now has 8 teeth ~ 4 top and 4 bottom.

Alayna is doing really well. She has a cough and little congestion when she wakes up in the mornings but otherwise is doing great. She is even allowing me to suction out her nose with no fight. I was sure after a weekend of deep suctioning that she would never let me near her with a bulb syringe again.

One funny today...we always put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving and both our kids have always left the ornaments and packages alone. Well today Ms. A thought since it is Christmas Eve I will get into some trouble. She had ripped open one of Aidan's presents and was chewing on the wrapping paper when I found her. Stinker! I told you she is feeling better!


Lacey said...

Oh, I hope her big brother didn't see the gift, that little stinker! I'm glad she's feeling better.

Lori said...

So glad that Alayna is feeling better and was able to get home in time for Christmas. And Anna did the same thing with the tree...she went the whole month without touching it and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day she was pulling ornaments off it left and right. ...Lil' Stinkers! =)