Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dismissed at last...

Alayna did really well today, didn't need suctioning at all so was dismissed from the hospital this evening. She was so excited to leave the hospital (and so was I).

Aidan on the other hand was having a blast and didn't want to leave. The staff let him pick out toys for Alayna and himself to play with while we were there. As I am still nursing, they fed both Alayna and I so needless to say Aidan was happy to come in and clean up any left overs...he said they cook better than me! :)

Alayna was happy to have a nice warm bath at home. She wanted to check out everything in her room and play with every toy! Hopefully she will close her eyes soon and have a peaceful night.

Thanks for all your kind words and prayers. We are so very thankful to be home especially before Christmas.

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RK said...

That's great! We prayed again tonight, so I'm so pleased to see quick answers of "yes!" :o)