Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow day?

I can't say that we really had no school today due to the giant amounts of snow but, the wind chills were below freezing on top of the slick streets so Aidan had the day off. He wasn't really happy about it as he loves school and today was PJ day for his class. His class chose PJ day for their reward for their great behavior.

Unfortunately, there wasn't even enough snow to build a snowman or a fort (or cover all the grass for that matter!) Hence no Yooper family members would be cracking up that we didn't have school today with the wee bit of snow on the ground! But, Aidan had lots of fun playing in it all the same. He, like me loves the snow and loves getting out in it. He was out for at hours today.

Alayna was very excited to have Aidan home today as she turned 14 months old. She thought having him home was a great way to celebrate the day. She continues to amaze us with her happy go lucky attitude and gentle spirit.

It was a relaxed day filled with games, giggles and good memories with my kids.


Kim said...

Happy 14 months, Alayna! Every month is a blessing and we love seeing you grow!

Lacey said...

That is funny that its a snow day. They never cancel school here, even if it snows 5 feet. Its so annoying. And it has been freezing. Single digits, brrr, I'm ready to go back to California!

Jenn said...

I'm sure Joanna would be happy to send you some UP snow, they've gotten FEET of snow in the last few days! I miss snow too, we just get the ice here.