Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Program

Tonight the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center where Alayna goes to school held their annual, musical Christmas program. Each class came up and performed one song. (see the video above).

The baby class was a super hit! They played the bells Courtney made for them to "I was going to see Santa" while Ms. Erin, their music therapist sang and played her guitar.

After all the performances the kids enjoyed eating cookies and visiting with Santa. Aidan was so excited that Santa also included him with a present.

Alayna wasn't too sure what to think of Santa. She kept looking at him then looking at us Hmm...who is this strange guy with a fake beard?
As both kids were up at 5:45 am I expected them to drop right to sleep when we arrived home but, not to be so...Alayna was out about 8:30 thankfully but that brother...he didn't go to sleep until after 10. No more big cookies for him at nighttime. I pray he doesn't fall asleep during reading group today at school.


Lacey said...

She doesn't look all that excited to see Santa!!:)

Lori said...

love the video and that is a super cute pic at top!
What a way to gear up for Christmas!

Jenn said...

That video definitely put me in the Christmas mood, too adorable!

Beverly said...

love Santa photos

Anonymous said...

they are getting so big! i love their pictures by the tree! i'm glad we get to keep up w/ you guys! hope you all have a great xmas!! best wishes for 2010!

much love

K D said...

Can I just say what a social bug Alayna is?

She was absolutely adorable at the Christmas program and gave me the best smiles ever while I was talking with her.

Tell her thanks!