Sunday, December 6, 2009

A visit from a cousin...

This weekend Alayna met her cousin, Leighton. He drove in for the night to attend the Chiefs-Broncos game (we love him even though he is a Broncos fan!)

Alayna watched him from across the room at first and kept smiling at him but, very quickly warmed up and was sitting in his lap, snuggling with him in no time. I haven't seen her take to someone so quickly.
Aidan, of course, never stopped talking the whole time Leighton was here.
Alayna even showed off her new creeping (crawling on all 4's) for him. She is still doing the inchworm sometimes but, this weekend we saw her crawling on hands and knees for the first time by herself across the room (chasing the dogs and Aidan).
Thanks for stopping in Leighton it was great to see you (Natalie we missed you!)


Beverly said...

sounds like a great visit. love the header photo collage

Lacey said...

I love your new heading pics, they are too cute!!