Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anniversary of court: The Lord is willing

Before Alayna was born Jason and I had never really talked about adoption.  If we had it was only to recognize someone else doing it certainly not to discuss jumping into it ourselves.

Heaven forbid, I mean you have to be one of those crunchy granola people to adopt right?  And I am anything but, granola.  I mean I used disposable diapers on my kids for goodness sake.

Once we learned  about Reece's Rainbow and discovered the secrets behind institutionalization of orphans with down syndrome in other countries our eyes and hearts were forever opened and our lives were changed.

However, we still never thought WE would be adopting.  Don't get me wrong we weren't anti adoption advocates but, rather simple folks who thought the orphan problem was someone else's problem.

We financially supported others and prayed for families but, never thought God would call us to the plate.

Until the day that He did.

From that moment He changed Jason's heart I knew our lives would never be the same if we didn't have Dariya.

We completed all the paperwork, jumped through all the international adoption hoops and traveled over 6,100 miles to meet and fall in love with our girl.  Thankfully God moved mountains, pushed our Interpol clearances through, provided us with a sweet Ukrainian friend for life, provided another judge (who was adoption friendly) gave us a court date two weeks after our SDA appointment and continues to bless our relationship with Dariya's birth father.

One year ago today Jason and I stood in a hot courtroom in Cherkasy, Ukraine in front of a judge to petition for Dariya to be ours forever.  As we pleaded our case I could feel God giving us the words to answer all the questions.  Lord knows my brain was empty and I couldn't think of the right words to say to save my life.

Dariya's middle name means the Lord is God, He is willing.

We aren't fabulous people, we aren't the most patient people in the world, we aren't amazing rocks of faith in action, we are just simple folks who heard a whisper and quieted ourselves long enough to hear it a little louder and when we listened we heard it clearly and obeyed.   Because our Lord is God and He is willing.

It wasn't about us, it isn't so we can boast, it was about a little girl who needed a family and God chose us to be that family.  
You see it is
 God who places the lonely in families. Psalms 68:5-6

We are blessed and thankful for God entrusting us with this sweet little girl.


Becca said...

Beautiful. And look where it got you - an even *more* beautiful and complete family with *3* gorgeous children and an experience of a lifetime you can share with others who can hopefully learn and benefit from it. I love how you have broken it all down to show that *anybody* can do this, not just "crunchy, granola-types." :-)

EVELYN said...

She is such a little beauty and seeing her makes us long to be there now to gather our angels into our arms. By the way, I think your pretty special people! :)

Sarah Marie said...

So blessed! And so is she.. you guys are amazing parents.

charla said...

I can not believe it has been a year already. I love seeing all three of those sweet smiles.

rosedel said...

What a good post.

Unknown said...

you made me cry! cant imagine you all without that beautiful child! xxxxxx