Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carnival time

Our local DSG (Down Syndrome Guild) is fabulous and puts on many events for families and individuals with down syndrome each year.  They kick summer off each year with a carnival at one of our local parks.  The girls almost napped through the whole thing but, we woke them up in time to catch the last hour.  Although in retrospect, neither one woke up to enjoy it enough to warrant the wake up call.  However, we enjoyed catching up with families we don't see often enough and big brother had fun and made sure the girls had a few smiles and giggles.

Alayna stood and watched all the kids do the bounce maze for a long while and Aidan finally convinced her to go.  

They made it about 3 steps and she laid down on him.  LOL  But, as always our persistent and patient boy coaxed his littlest sister through the whole maze with success.

 Finished at last!

Our sweet little Ukrainian princess skipped the whole bounce house experience and went for the pink lemonade, again and again and again!  Can you say like?
Aidan showed the girls how to play the games.
 And trust me my two cuties know how to work their magic and win each game.

Shopping for carnival toys is the best (unless you are the mother who ends up with your pockets full of said junk  precious treasures.)
Beautiful afternoon in the sun and a fun start to our summer.
Thanks DSG!

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Fun, fun, fun!