Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love at first hug revisited!

This was my post from one year ago today, the day we met Dariya, love at first hug.   From the moment her sweet little cherubic face entered the director's office I was completely smitten. She had me at Здравствуйте! (Hello).

This year has been such a wonderful experience for our family and we are truly blessed to have this little princess with us.

I promise not to blog every little memory from our adoption journey in the next 5 weeks.   If you didn't follow us last summer and are interested in them I labeled our time in Ukraine as "Bringing Dariya home".

For us we have never felt closer to God than when we were on this journey so it is a great time of remembrance, reflection and thankfulness for us.  I pray that through our journey other orphans have been helped and rescued.

If you didn't catch the video of us meeting her for the first time here it is.  She looks like such a baby.  Wow, has our big girl grown up this year.  Just watching this brings the flood of emotions from our time in Ukraine all gushing back.  We ♥ you Dariya!

In more news around here:
Aidan did fantastic with getting his teeth pulled on Tuesday! He actually had 3 baby teeth out instead of just the two.  He was a rock star for the whole thing.
The girls both had their neck xrays completed on Monday (thanks for the back up Grandma) to rule out AAI (excessive movement of the neck bones) and both have no signs of atlantoaxial instability.  They are now free to participate in Special Olympics or other sports without concern of neck injury.  YAHOO!!!!


Cathy said...

It's hard to believe it's been a year ago that you met Dariya. So happy for your entire family. May God continue to bless all of you!!!

EN said...

Isn't it amazing the difference a year can make?! What a blessing Miss Dariya is! And great news about the ladies' futures as Special Olympics athletes! Aunt Leanne has particiapted in many a SO and she loves it!