Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I hate molars!

I am praying that Alayna's 3 molars that have finally popped through her little gums is the root of her last couple of days of unhappiness (one more molar hasn't come through but I can see the white peaks under the gum). She has been working on these molars for nearly 2 months!

We planned on going to the World Down Syndrome day celebration on Sunday but, she slept right through it. Thankfully her teeth haven't kept her from sleeping well.

My poor little girl, who is normally very laid back, happy go lucky, a great eater, never complains, never cries (unless she is really hurt) has turned into a complainer, food critic, and a grump!

Even at baby class yesterday, my sweet girl who normally goes around and kisses the younger kids on the forehead went over and to my shock smacked our buddy, Eli right on his tummy! Ack! She is terribly out of sorts.

Everything I have served this past week has ended up going on the floor, even her favorites. She was crying so much at dinner last night it actually made me tear up for her. At one point during dinner she took both her hands and put them on the side of her head and smashed her cheeks together... it was such a cute picture (if I had had the camera) but, I knew she was just in agony. I gave her Motrin and she went to bed and slept well.

Thankfully today she seems happier and ate all her breakfast without feeding the dogs. It is a beautifully sunshiny day so we plan to get out and enjoy it and leave that pain behind.

Side note: If this turn in behavior doesn't turn out to be teething related I will be asking for prayers for me because I don't really like a toddler with an attitude.


Jenn said...

Sending prayers that it is just those pesky molars! Poor little pumpkin, and poor momma. *hugs*

RK said...

I'm with you! KiKi is in the same boat and the whining and general displeasure with EVERYTHING is not much fun at all. Hope Alayna's are through and all is happy again soon!

Lori said...

My husband always laughs at me and thinks I blame everything on teething...but seriously, those teeth can really cause some problems! I hope that now they are through that Alayna will perk up.

Lacey said...

Praying its the teeth. But many DS toddlers are easy going, happy babies, so I bet it is the teeth!

Kim said...

Alayna, we hope you feel better soon. Eli was not at all offended by the smack on the tummy in class. It didn't seem to bother him at all.

Teeth are tough and we're sure it's the cause of said grumpiness. Hang in there little one!


Sara Bell said...

We are right there with you, however its her top teeth. How can one little girl cut 3 teeth in one week. I thought 2 was tough now three and working on 4! Did Alayna have diaper rash when she cut her other teeth? On top of Lola's mouth hurting she has MAJOR diaper rash! The joys of motherhood and joys of growing! Give kisses!!!

Beverly said...

hope she is feeling better.