Sunday, March 14, 2010

T minus 6 and counting....

Jason is set to arrive here at 6:30 tonight, hopefully immigration doesn't hold him up too long in Atlanta as his connection is just an hour...We are all SO excited and can hardly wait until he arrives.
The kids have been terrific and we have had a good 10 days but, it seems like he has been away much longer.
Aidan is feeling better, although not 100% yet (his fever is down and he hasn't thrown up since yesterday). No signs of Alayna nor I getting it either which is great.
He and Alayna colored pictures for Jason (it was pretty sweet to watch Aidan hand over hand help Alayna color all the while he was explaining how much daddy would love her picture...sweet).
Then Aidan decided that he wanted to clean (seriously? you had a 102 fever yesterday and couldn't keep toast down). When he was a toddler he used to follow me around the house and help me clean (he has always been really good at it!)
He was determined to spruce the house up for daddy. Mind you I am usually the neat freak and am chasing the dust bunnies out from under the couches on a regular basis but, not today. He tidied up his room, cleaned the toilets, cleaned the windows (ok he stopped after one), and dusted (the kitchen table before moving on to the floors). Alayna thought she would get in on the action as she tried out the vacuum...

Then once the vacuuming was done of course you have to get out the mop...

WOW what great help I have. Now the house is clean we are super ready for daddy!

As of 2pm eastern time Jason has made it to Atlanta. Unfortunately, his flight into Kansas City has been canceled. Praying for another flight for him tonight!

As of 3pm he is booked on another flight but doesn't arrive here until midnight! :( Very sad kids!!!

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Lori said...

Have a happy, long-awaited, reunion!