Saturday, March 20, 2010

World Down Syndrome day

Tomorrow we will celebrate World Down Syndrome day. Our DSG is hosting a big celebration at Crown Center and if it stops snowing (it was 65 yesterday and WOW we several inches of snow) we will be going to the party.

Down Syndrome is caused by a triplicate of the 21st chromosome hence the celebration on 3/21 each year~

As an educator, I truly believe that one of the perks included in having a child with down syndrome is being able to educate others and dispel the myths of this genetic condition (ok I know I am weird but, I really love to teach and feel that through education and knowledge people are changed). Even with a degree in special education, I didn't work with students who had down syndrome therefore, I didn't know the true facts about it, so I continue to learn and try to pass that knowledge on.

You might be asking why are you celebrating Alayna having down syndrome? We don't focus on her down syndrome because it is just one small part of who she is. However, we do acknowledge that God made Alayna perfect just as she is so we do celebrate down syndrome and hope to bring awareness not only to our friends and family but also those people we meet at the park, or at the grocery store or wherever...

Did you know?
  • Down Syndrome affects 1 in every 733 births, and is the most commonly occurring chromosomal condition.

  • There are more than 400,000 people with down syndrome in the United States.

  • All people with down syndrome experience cognitive delays but, it is usually mild to moderate and is not indicative of the many strengths, gifts and talents that each individual will possess.

  • You can't have a little down syndrome...(been asked this question loads of times) you either have an extra chromosome or you don't. However, all people with down syndrome, just like all people, have varying abilities, strengths and weaknesses and excel at different things.

  • People with down syndrome are fully included in schools, live independently, go to college, are employed, marry, participate in religious, recreational and community activities, live meaningful and productive lives contributing to society in numerous ways.
Our hope is that the more people we educate about down syndrome the more those people will in turn educate others. The ripple of change continues and hopefully all people with down syndrome will be welcomed and valued as a member of society.
We hope you will celebrate with us even if you can't join us!


Runningmama said...

We are celebrating with you!

Beverly said...

Have a blessed day!

K D said...

Hope you were able to go to the celebration!

Saturday was Cerebral Palsy awareness day but I didn't get a post up.

Yay for our kids and everything that makes them special!

Lori said...

Hope you had a great day!!