Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break and four letter words...

As of 4:00 today the kids are officially on spring break. WOO HOO! The weather has been around 60 for the past week. We have been enjoying the nice weather by playing outside a lot. (Keeps us from missing daddy so much!)

Alayna rode on Aidan's old big wheel...boy did she really enjoy it. She also enjoyed her first coloring with sidewalk chalk.

However, today the weather dipped back into the low 40's and the dreaded 4 letter....SNOW word creeped back into the weather forecast again. WHAT? It is spring break...

Speaking of 4 letter words, Aidan came home from school on Tuesday and asked if there was such a thing as an "f" word! Except he didn't stop at the f he said the whole word, pronounced a little off but, nonetheless it hit me like a truck!

Seriously? This week while I am taking on the world as a single parent?

AHHHH! I thank God for giving me patience and words in this situation as I remained calm and found out that a sweet little princess in another 1st grade class was spelling it for the kids at lunchtime. NICE! She even included in her lesson plan the gesture that goes with it. WOW and double wow!!!!

A+ for accuracy and single handedly teaching my kid that not only are there cuss words which he knew nothing about but also teaching him the mother of all cuss words!

I am no Pollyanna, I know the world is a harsh place sometimes but, it was a sad moment for me to learn that my 6 year old is learning about the negatives of this world and losing his "little boy" innocence to no fault of his own....

Tonight after dinner we went and celebrated the beginning of spring break with our favorite custard. Alayna's little hands couldn't sign "more" fast enough!Thankfully big brother was close by to save the day...

I am looking so forward to the next week...daddy comes home on Sunday night, no school for either of the kids, no appointments, no therapies, just time to spend with my babies and I LOVE spending time with them. I am one blessed momma.
I am hopeful that the warmer weather comes back after this front and we can enjoy the outdoors.
~Oh don't forget to spring your clocks ahead on Saturday night....the kids have made the time change already this week, both have been getting up at 6:15 instead of 7. Guess we will be on time to church Sunday!


My name is Sarah said...

How cute:)

Lacey said...

Oh don't you love those great friends at school. I was horrified when I first heard Mondo say something like that. But I realized I can't shelter them from what they hear at school, I just have to be there to tell them its not a word we say!

ABandCsMom said...

At least he asked you about the f word...That's a good thing!
Ice looks yummy! Now I want some too :o)
Your header pic makes me smile!! It's so cute.

Anonymous said...

Jeni learned the "f" word in Kindergarden, she came home and asked me what it meant. A girl in her class said it and Jeni thought it sounded cool!!!!! Yikes!!!

They grow up too fast!!!