Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring cleaning...

Today was a beautiful day so Aidan, Grace & Rayne (cousins) embarked to play in the backyard only to find it in much disarray after the long winter and all the snow.

Many sticks were scattered all over the yard, dead bugs were piled in the playhouse, dirt covered the swing set and piles of dog doo everywhere. It really was in a bad state.

I watched in amazement as the three of them got busy and cleaned it all up in no time (without being asked!!!) They were even fighting over the pooper scooper...really? What kind of dream world am I living in?

After they finished they played outside for hours while Alayna got in a much needed nearly 4 hour nap.

Yesterday we had Aidan's last basketball game in the morning then his celebration awards evening last night. All went well but, he really missed daddy being there for his last game :(

We are hoping the weather stays this nice so that we can get out everyday. It makes the days seem to go faster when we are outside playing until dinnertime! (We miss you daddy...Aidan has read his note several times already!)


Runningmama said...

Wow, your kids are great! Gosh, I would love it if one of my kids took a 4 hour nap :-)

Beverly said...

looks like a beautiful day

Lori said...

Can you send them to our house to clean the doggie doo from our yard?