Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alayna goes to U2

Although it would have been super cool to meet Bono and the gang... we didn't take in a concert today.

Instead, I am blessed to be able to continue the Bible study through Bible Study Fellowship that I have been doing every Wednesday morning for the past 4 years. They have an awesome preschool program for kids 2-6 and a program for school age kids too. I took Aidan and my nieces and they learned so much about the Bible it was truly amazing to see how it transformed their lives.

Today BSF began a new program called "U2" for the under 2 year old crowd. Yeah that I can continue in my walk and Alayna can now go with me. They are even allowing nursing moms to keep their babies with them in discussion groups. Awesome!

They played, read a Bible story and sang songs with the kids. The teachers are even using basic sign language to communicate with the kids! Alayna is already using most of the signs they are including such as eat, more, thank you, milk, etc.

When I picked her up the teachers all said how wonderfully happy she was and that she played and played and was completely content. Yeah Alayna and Yeah God for starting this new program and allowing us to take part in it.

We are blessed!


Lacey said...

Is she sitting on something or just scrunching down? She looks like she's floating, how funny!!

Rochelle said...

She is sitting on a bench. That is funny, I didn't even notice it until you asked.