Monday, January 4, 2010

We LOVE urgent care (I guess)...

Seriously, another trip to urgent care? Wow, we have made 3 trips there and one hospital stay in the last 2 weeks. We must love urgent care why else would we be going back?

Today was Aidan's last day of Christmas vacation. We had a really fun day just he, Alayna and I playing all day. Aidan was in a good mood and wanted to go to Alayna's baby class but, I thought it best we stay away from our buddies for another day just to make sure we don't hand out any pink eye germs.

About 4:30 his behavior changed dramatically. He was grumpy and started complaining about his ear. I looked in his ear and his whole canal was RED! Poor boy, he was begging to go to urgent care. I diagnosed this ear infection before the doctors even looked at him.

Thankfully Jason was on an early route and was home by 5:30 and took him so I didn't have to drag Alayna out in the -10 degree weather and have her sitting in yet another germ invested sick area to pick up some more germies.

Alayna & I are pink eye free after a few days on antibiotic eye drops. She is less than thrilled with the eye drops and puts up a huge struggle each of the 4 times a day I have to put them in. Strangely enough she still doesn't mind the saline drops in her nose or having her nose suctioned out she will lay still for all of that even after the 3 day stay in the hospital with all the deep suctioning.

We are so blessed. We are normally very healthy and usually only see a doctor for our well check ups.

We pray for those families who have serious medical needs.

We have great health insurance...a trip to urgent care is just a $20 copay same as a doctors visit for us.

We pray for all those that have little or no insurance and need to see a doctor but can't afford the trip.

We have access to antibiotics.

We pray for all the millions of people around the world that are dreadfully sick and dying all because they don't have a simple antibiotic.

Lord we thank you for our abundance, even in our sick moments we know you are with us, blessing us and protecting us.


Lori said...

Hopefully this is the last of the germs for the winter for you guys! Hope all feel better soon!

Beverly said...

hope he is feeling better soon.