Saturday, January 2, 2010

Celebrating the new year in pink.

Jason suggested we celebrate New Years Eve England style (at 6pm our time is Midnight UK time). Great idea honey! I am all for getting a full night sleep.

We enjoyed a great dinner together, wished each other happy new year, talked about our expectations for the new year (Aidan wants to adopt a little brother...wonder where that idea came from ch?), played with the kids then got them off for a long soak in the tub including a little tea party fun. Alayna received a floating tea set for the bathtub as a Christmas present. You should hear Aidan sing,"I'm a little teapot".

However, when Alayna and I woke up on New Year's Day our eyes were red, swollen and I had a headache to boot. You would have thought that we stayed up late and drank in the new year literally.
Nope, just conjunctivitis (pink eye). Alayna had a bit of a cold that moved into conjunctivitis and I quickly caught it from her.

No problem, I thought, we will head to our pediatrician's urgent care and get antibiotic drops and be good as new.

Easier said than done on New Years Day... (note to self: never get sick on New years again!)

We drove to our urgent care at 9am as their answering service said they would be open then. Not a car in the parking lot besides ours was our first clue that they weren't open.

We tried CVS (not open), Walgreens (got checked in only to be told they don't serve kids under 18 months), called our urgent care back (yeah they were open at 10am) but WAIT....the doctor that they scrounged up to work on New Years day didn't have ANY dealings with kids under 5 so they weren't taking Alayna either. UGH! Double Ugh. Everyone kept referring us to Children's Mercy Hospital (where we spent 3 days just two short weeks ago).

I opted to wait until today (didn't want to be hanging around a hospital waiting room with something as low on the call back list as pink eye...I figured we would have been there all day waiting, especially in light of all the other urgent cares in town weren't open).

Bright and early, and after much cleaning of the goop off our faces (you will be thankful that I skipped the picture taking), Alayna and I headed to urgent care once again. We were 4th in line so were in and out of there with our prescription in about an hour. YEAH for finally seeing a doctor and for modern medicine.

After a couple rounds of drops our eyes are doing much better and we both should be good as new after 24 hours.

Unfortunately, we will have to skip church tomorrow . I am sure our KP friends will be very happy not to share in our pink new year celebration!


Jenny said...

Oh bless your hearts!!! Hate it that you were ill! HOpe it goes away SOON!! HAPPY New Year!

Lacey said...

It makes me crazy that doctors offices just shut down on the holidays. Kids get sick even on holidays, and hospitals stay open. We didn't get anything done that needed to over the holidays with my ped out of town. Hopefully both of you feel better soon!

Beverly said...

hope you are feeling better. and happy new year

Lori said...

Oh - that stinks! Hope everything is cleared up by now!
BTW -- we celebrate the "forgotten" new year's --- which is 8 PM Eastern time. This is only time zone (located somewhere over the Atlantic) that does not have anyone celebrating. Midnight is so overrated! =)