Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Speech & language please

Besides going to the Lee Ann Britain center for weekly baby class (music, pt, ot and speech therapies)and individual physical therapy, Alayna has been receiving home occupational therapy for the past 8 months bi weekly with Magen. As she is doing so well meeting her motor milestones we are going to pursue home speech and language therapy every other week instead of the home OT.

We hate to not have Magen see us every other week as she has been a huge wealth of information and suggestions for us but, she will come once a month to check in on Alayna and help us with an issues that may arise.

Alayna is using 10 words consistently (speaking and signing) and is trying to make a lot of word approximations so we really want to continue to guide her to keep her on this successful path. Her speech therapist Valerie is very sweet and Alayna really likes her too. I look forward to seeing her speech blossom.


Lacey said...

Thats great, I bet she really starts signing and talking like crazy!

Beverly said...

this is all so great. it is wonderful to have therapist that we like.

Sara Bell said...

Lola enjoys watching all your videos! She "Lola talks" to Alayna! Give her kisses for me! I hope to meet her one day! Have a great Thursday!

K D said...

Yay! Go Alayna Go!