Friday, January 8, 2010

Life on the prairie

Snow day # 3 this week...the wind chills are in the negative double digits brrr.

I feel a little like Laura Ingalls Wilder today. When we woke up we found we had no thankful for sisters who bring over 3 gallons of drinking water so we could drink and make some coffee and thankful for our great neighbors who are allowing us to fill up buckets so we can at least flush the toilets.
The water company has been out to check the main line....bummer not in the main line but, somewhere in the house. UGH. We can't seem to find the frozen pipe and with -30 wind chills forecast again tonight I am not sure we will find it for days. I am praying that we don't find it with a break all over our new basement carpet. AHHH!

Bonus is we get a day home with daddy. Thankfully Jason called in today to stay home and try to resolve our plumbing issue.

Alayna has really been fussing lately when she sees daddy's brown uniform come out in the mornings. She knows that means daddy is going to work. Last night when he came home he was taking off his layers of brown and she started crying so hard, we think she thought he was putting them on because it was taking so long to take them all off. Poor baby. She is a daddy's little girl for sure.

Update: Thankfully our great buddy Shane (plumber extraordinaire) suggested we start a fire in the fireplace as he thought the frozen pipes were under the fireplace and what do you know....a few minutes later running water and no broken pipes! YEAH Shane and Yeah God! Thankfully we only had to go about 10 hours without water.

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