Friday, January 22, 2010

Fly paper

Aidan is back up and running again today. Although he really wasn't down and out, no fever etc. He isn't a complainer especially when it comes to not feeling well. When he said his ear was bothering him again I knew that the infection hadn't gone away. We kept him home just to give the antibiotics time to work and him some rest time.

We had a fun day playing together and Alayna loved it that the bus went by but Aidan didn't get on it.
In the afternoon we played with some contact paper. Aidan stuck things to it and tried to get Alayna to take them off, or to rip the tissue paper and stick it on the contact paper. Great idea eh?
She had a blast but, was more interested in sitting on the contact paper like a big fly stuck on fly paper. Oh well we got the idea of sticky down for sure and she enjoyed Aidan teaching her!

She is chasing Aidan all over the house as fast as she can crawl. He is such a good motivator. She also squatted down to pick up a toy with one hand remaining on the couch. Normally, she keeps her legs straight and tries to pick things up but ends up on her bum. But, not this time she figured it out to bend her knees and she can go up and down.

She is cruising well to the right, definitely not as fast going left and is holding on with one hand then looks to scout out where she can go next with that proud I did it smile.
It is so fun to watch them grow and learn each day.


Lacey said...

Older siblings are great learning tools. They teach them so much, not always good though! I bet he's a great big brother!

Julie and Leo said...

What creative play!! And I agree, nothing like older siblings to motivate the younger ones. It's wonderful that Aidan is such a great big brother :)