Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh sleep interruptions

I am thankful that Alayna is such a sweet spirit and is never grumpy even when she isn't sleeping well (unfortunately you can't say the same about her mother...dark circles don't become me). The past week she has decided to wake up from about 2-4 am thinking it is time to play. She has been in a great mood all smiles and giggles, so much so that all I can do is laugh at her.

I thought the culprit might be a molar coming in but can't feel one yet. Trust me with those 8 teeth I don't stick my fingers in there for long. I do think she had another growth spurt she looks taller again.

But, now with her lack of sleep she has caught a cold. Nothing big just the runny nose and cough when she lays down. Thankfully no fever. We stayed away from baby class today as to not spread it to our friends or pick up anything else while her immune system is down. As she slept through the night last night hopefully we are on the mend.

We are good with Aidan's ears although he has some residual drainage so sniffles constantly... he has always been a great nose blower but nothing is coming out. The doctor thinks his sinus' are swollen making them feel like he needs to sniff or blow but there is nothing there. It is driving Jason and I crazy! Hopefully this will go away soon too. He woke up at 2am last night (yes the ONE night Alayna gets back to sleeping through the night) and all we heard from down the hall was sniffle, sniffle, snort, sniffle, snort. It was very comical.

I am thankful for my kids even at 2 am. They always find a way to make me smile even when I am exhausted.


Beverly said...

sorry for the lack of sleep. I feel your pain. Noah has such sleep issues and I have not good rest since he was born. ugh.

RK said...

I'm exhausted from the sleep interruptions (though not normally 2 hours long!) for a year now.. it wears on you, doesn't it?!?

Hope all are better soon. The junk has been hanging around our house far too long!

And that picture..TOO adorable!

ch said...

You DO look tall and lovely, LaynaLoo! We miss you and hope you can continue your happy snoozing...