Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playdate with my pal

Today we were blessed to have LC with us while Courtney took Jace to the doctor.

Oh my did the girls have a grand time playing together.

They read books, did puzzles, built towers and knocked them down, played with musical instruments and worked on their pretend play skills.

I think they are playing cops and robbers here...All right ladies put your hands on the wall and spread em! Or maybe they were working on their audition for American Idol?

LC loved riding on Alayna's car, I even got a few giggles out of her.

Alayna had PT today. LC was her cheerleader. Every time Alayna would do something LC would clap for was adorable!

They put their music class skills to good use. They played with this drum for a long time. Ms. Erin will be so proud.

We had such a fun day. Aidan was a little sad that he had to go to school and miss all the fun.

I was so amazed that they played with each other so well. Usually at this age kids do parallel play (sitting next to one another but not really interacting) but, not these two they were doing a great job of taking turns and playing with one toy together then when they got tired of that toy one of them would find another toy and they would sit side by side and play again.

Thanks for a super fun day buddy & being such a great guest. Talk your mom into dropping you off here more often so we can have more fun.


ch said...

Look, look at those busy big girls! (Of course the frisking photo is my #1 favorite!) Oh, thanks for giving LC a pardon from what would have turned into 10 hours in the car. Jace is NOT proving to be the happy traveler Pudge is and it would have been absolutely murderous. Hoping, hoping we can return the favor soon...

Katie said...

You are brave - and prepared! And it looks like the girls had a great time!

...stopping by from Courtney's blog. :)

Beverly said...

too cute. love that second photo, oh my she is so sweet.