Friday, July 26, 2013

Cardiology check up

While  in Ukraine we learned that Dariya had a small patent foramen ovale or PFO.  It is a small, flap-like opening in the wall between the right and left upper chambers of the heart.  We knew this wasn't a huge concern but was one that needed to be checked out by a cardiologist once home.

After we had her home about a month we checked in with her cardiologist to learn that hers is very small and probably will never present a problem or need to be corrected but, he still wanted to follow her every few years just to check on it.
Had to wear our heart shirts Aunt Trudy
sent us from England for our cardiology appt!
Today was her two year check up and we received great news again.  Her PFO is so tiny that Dr. Kaine thinks that it will never cause her any issues, although we will still monitor her in 3 years then probably 5 years after that check up.

Yahoo for healthy hearts!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Twelve years and I couldn't be more blessed

Happy anniversary to the love of my life....

Thank you for standing by me so faithfully

and for being an awesome husband and father.

You are a blessing and I love you dearly.

Happy 12th anniversary!

Looking forward to many more....

Monday, July 8, 2013

Double Gotcha day anniversary

Two years ago today we took Dariya out of her orphanage forever and 12 years ago today Jason immigrated to America.  So we celebrate Happy Gotcha day for Dariya and Daddy all on the same day.

I love how God is in all the tiniest of details.

Here is a picture taken a few days before Dariya's gotcha day.

See those kids in the background?

These aren't families out for an afternoon stroll to the park.  These are kids from the other groupas that were outside that day.

Orphans.  Stranded.  Alone.  Forgotten. 

As we celebrate today eating Ukrainian food and thanking God for the blessing of Dariya in our family my heart still breaks for the thousands of orphans in just Ukraine that will spend another night without a family.  The children of Dariya's groupa who by now are more than likely living in the adult institution.

We celebrate but, I can never forget.  I can never wipe those images of all those children out of my memories.  I still see their sweet faces when I close my eyes.  I still fear for their lives.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;     ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless,  and see that they get justice.                     ~Proverbs 31:8-9
Defend the cause of orphans.      ~ Isaiah 1:17

As we celebrate today, I ask that you consider the plight of the orphan.  God calls each of us to speak up and defend the cause of the orphan.

I  ask beg you in celebration of Dariya to pray, then act upon where God is calling you in reference to orphans.

Maybe it is to donate to one of our friends who are currently going BACK to rescue more orphans.  Every dollar counts, even a $5 donation is a blessing to these families.

The first two families were in Ukraine with us adopting via RR when we were adopting Dariya!  They are fabulous, God following, homeschooling, adoption loving families.  Now they obeying and are returning for more children.

The other two families we dearly love, they both have adopted girls via RR from Russia and are now unable to return to Russia due to the stoppage of American adoptions.  But that didn't stop them they continue to hear and obey God's call to rescue orphans and are going to another country (one we know and ♥) to bring home more sweet girls!

Or maybe he is calling you to something different, something more?

 I hope you will listen and obey.

These sweet children need your help.

Happy Gotcha Day, Dariya!  We love you and honor you by donating to orphans so they can find their forever family.

Leave us a message and let us know how you are helping orphans.