Adoption Timeline and Actual Expenses

Answering God's call to expand our family - Our blog announcement post

Adoption timeline:
12/3/10   Jason searches RR website and is interested in adopting
1/6       Submit Jason's passport
1/11    We finally get brave enough to contact Andrea and inquire about several girls, we continue to         pray and seek God's will for the child that he is calling us to adopt.
1/20    Jason's passport received
1/25    Submit Rochelle's passport
1/28    Got the news that Dariya was cleared for Int'l adoption and we committed
1/30    Dariya appears on the My Family Found Me page
1/31    Started homestudy and RR paperwork
2/1      Sent/ faxed in all completed RR paperwork and state child abuse clearance
2/2      Received financial letters from bank
2/4      Sent initial paperwork and documents to the social worker
2/7      FSP goes live on RR
2/10    Sent for marriage license copies
2/11    State fingerprinting for State & FBI clearance
2/12    First interviews with Social worker
2/13    Sent for Citimortgage proof of home mortgage
2/14    CSP's & POA's notarized, apostilled and sent to EE (arrived in EE 2/16)
2/15    Sent for County assessor's proof of home information
2/16    Rochelle's physical
2/17    Rochelle's passport arrives
2/18    Florida marriage licenses arrive, sent to Fl for Apostille
2/19   Second meeting with social worker
2/23   Jason's physical
2/23   Resent and spoke with supervisor at Citimortgage
2/23   iPad giveaway fundraiser runs on blog (10 days)
2/26   Final visit with social worker, rec'd marriage license w/ apostille & county assessor's paperwork
2/28  Rec'd Jason's FBI clearance, rec'd proof of home mortgage (had to send back they forgot the letterhead)
2/28   Reviewing Homestudy with social worker and EE stateside team
3/2     Rochelle travels to KBI to get refingerprinted (FBI didn't accept 1st ones)
3/3     Rochelle's FBI clearance
3/4     Get medical documents signed and notarized
3/7     Get medical documents renotarized
3/8     File I 600a orphan petition with immigration
3/9     I 600a petition arrives in Texas
3/10   Mail Citimortgage document to Az for apostille
3/11   Get all dossier documents apostilled
3/12   Began meeting with team for Dinner,silent auction and golf tourney fundraiser May 14th
3/14   Received email/text from USCIS - Documents rec'd and being sent for a casemanager, check cashed
3/14   Contacted Representative's office to see if they can help expedite USCIS approval
3/15   Received all KS dossier documents back from state
3/16   Received I 797 C (Receipt) from immigration (we have a case number)
3/18  Received Citimortgage document from AZ with apostille
3/23  Received USCIS fingerprint appointment for April 19th
3/29  Walk in for USCIS fingerprints (SUCCESS!)
4/11  Contact Senator's office to see if they can help expedite USCIS approval
4/13  Redo blank CSP's for dossier (wording change)
4/25  USCIS officer assigned to our case
4/26  I-171 approval arrives via fax, have notarized
4/27  Have I-171 apostilled and sent dossier to EE!!!
4/29  Dossier arrives in EE!
5/12  Dossier submitted to the SDA
5/14  All for Dariya day - Golf tournament, dinner and silent auction
5/25  Got the word our SDA appt is JUNE 9th
5/26  Booked flights to EE Leaving June 7th
6/7    Leave for EE
6/9    SDA appointment
6/11  Travel to Dariya's region
6/14  Met Dariya for the first time, ♥♥♥
6/24  Court - Dariya is ours! (after a 10 day wait)
7/5   10 day wait is completed, apply for birth certificate and passport
7/8   Gotcha day
7/11  Embassy appointment and medical
7/12  Receive Dariya's visa to travel
7/13  FLY HOME!!! 

Adoption ExpensesTotal so far:  $21,403.38

Estimated total expenses $25,000 to bring Dariya home
1/6    Jason's passport                         $227.81
1/25  Rochelle's passport                    $118.09
1/31  Promise Trust paid to RR           $1000 +30
1/31  FSP App fee to RR                       $25
1/31  Voice of Hope fund RR                 $250
2/1    State child abuse clearance            $20
2/10  Copies of Marriage license            $23
2/11  State fingerprinting   J/R                $40
2/11  KBI and FBI clearance                 $120
2/12  Homestudy first installment            $700
2/14  Apostille fee (CSP & POA)             $67.50
2/14   Toll fee                                          $5.00
2/14   UPS CSP's & POA's to EE            $117.68
2/16   Rochelle's physical                        $20
2/18   Marriage license apostille Florida   $20
2/23   Jason's Physical                              $20
3/1    Homestudy final installment            $325
3/2    KBI & FBI fingerprints Rochelle     $60
3/2    Toll fees for travel to KBI                $5
3/8    I 600a petition filing                    $890
3/8    Express mail I 600a petition        $17.40
3/10  Secretary of State Az                  $3.00
3/10  Postage for Az apostille               $3.25
3/11  Secretary of State apostille fee     $210
3/11  UPS for apostille                         $22.80
3/17  Lab fees for medicals                $190.89
3/30  Postage                                     $55.00
4/27  Toll fees                                     $5.00
4/27  Secretary of state apostille           $22.50
4/27   UPS -dossier to Daryia's country  $171.06
5/26  Airline tickets to Ukraine and home  $3841.54
6/10  Facilitation fees in country            $9000.
7/      Dariya's passport, medical, court, visa  $1025.38
7     In country transportation, lodging, meals  $2751.48